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Jul 12, 2008 Re: How to Open NAT Type on PS3? - Verizon Fios Community "The NAT type checks how the PS3 system is connected to the Internet. This information can be used to judge the ease or difficulty of connecting to other PS3 systems when using voice I video chat or the communication features of games. • Type 1: Connected directly to the Internet • Type 2: Connected to the Internet via a router What is NAT, and how to obtain an Open NAT. : PS4

The PS3 offers Type 3, Type 2 and Type 1 NAT results. These break down as follows: Type 1 - Connected directly to the internet (no router/firewall). Should have no issues. Type 2 - Connected through a router properly. Should have no issues. Type 3 - Connected through a router without open ports or DMZ setup for PS3. Everything should function

NAT Type your PS3 is. How do I change my NAT Type. If your NAT Type 1 or 2 then you don't need to change a thing, everything is working as it should. If. you're NAT Type 3 then you're in the right place and should try these steps. There is no guarantee what.

FROMAN1115 teaches you how to change your NAT type to Open on your PlayStation 3. On the PlayStation 3, go to Settings-Network Settings-Settings and Connection Status List and write down your IP. Go to your PC and start your internet browser. Type in This will bring up the router settings page. Go to Applications and games and then DMZ.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Moderate Nat Issue Fix Nov 18, 2019 NAT Types Defined - It's important to note that NAT Type Moderate is listed as Not Good.For most users NAT Type Moderate is not good enough and you need to forward ports to get NAT Type Open.. NAT Type Open vs NAT Type 1. Let me start by saying this: These are not the same thing. At first it appears that these two are the same but they are not.