Following are the steps through which you can change your PAN card number in your PayPal account: Visit and enter such details as your email id and password to login to your account. After you have logged in to your account, click on the ‘Proceed to Account Overview’ option at the bottom of your screen.

When you enable PayPal account optional, buyers can pay by credit card without signing up for PayPal accounts. Buyers can, but they are not required to, sign up for a PayPal account by using the address and credit card from the completed transaction. If buyers change their shipping addresses, PayPal re-calculates the tax and displays the Set up and maintain your account - PayPal Developer To reduce chargebacks and payer confusion, replace the default credit card statement name with one that accurately reflects your business or legal name. Use the Payment Receiving Preferences page to make this change. To specify your credit card statement name: Log into your PayPal business account on paypal… About Unknown Credit Card Charges -

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Jan 17, 2020 Updating billing settings for sellers | eBay You can change or update your credit or debit card details, bank account details, or change the PayPal account you use to pay your eBay fees in My eBay. Here’s how to update your automatic payment method: Go to Seller Account - opens in new window or tab in My eBay. In Payment methods for Seller Fees, select Change. How to Use a Debit Card for PayPal - The Balance

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To change your bank or PayPal account details, go to Payout settings and select ‘edit’ or ‘add’. After you’ve requested an update, you'll need to follow the security procedures to confirm you made the changes. Please have your mobile device or landline telephone ready, as you’ll be asked to confirm your identity before proceeding. How to Pay with PayPal -- step-by-step tutorial (with Mar 21, 2016 FORGOT TO CHANGE CARD DETAILS AND SENT TO WITHDRAW