How do i delete all browsing history?

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Finally, press 'Clear History' one last time. More on Safari Browsing history . Netscape. Find on the toolbar- Edit. Then Preferences; Then History. Select 'Clear History' from the list. Internet Explorer. To view and Delete browsing history from internet explorer click on That article. How to Delete History. You can also do this with a history

When you delete your Internet history, you might think that it’s gone forever and no one can ever see it. But that is not true; your computer stores a backup copy of your deleted Internet history in a hidden file called “index.dat.” Therefore, in order to completely remove Internet history, you have to clean the index. How To Clean Google Search History & Browsing History Jun 22, 2017 49 Best Free History Cleaner Software For Windows Clean Master is a freeware History Cleaner that runs automatically and scans the system for: web cache, system cache, other software junk files, video and audio junk, social work junk, and online game junk. You can click the buttons Scan or Clean, as required.Amount of data that can be cleaned is displayed for each of the types of files to be deleted.